People with Disabilities

Supporting participation and connection

Localift is free if you have a permanent disability preventing you from driving. It’s our small contribution to help you get around.

We believe that organisation’s advocating for people with disabilities are in the best position to ensure that the right people benefit. Localift offers qualifying organisations codes for their members to have lifetime Localift premium membership.

To get Localift Premium membership free, contact your disability support organisation. If your organisation is not part of Localift, tell them about Localift and ask them to apply to be part of Localift’s Disability Community.

If you’re part of an association representing people with disabilities, please contact us.

People with Special Transport Needs

People with Special Transport Needs

People with disabilities requiring special vehicles or hoists are challenged with transport. Localift can support arranging these lifts in a number of ways:

  • Initiate lifts requests on your own or have family, friends or carers initiate them for you using our Linked User feature.
  • Create a lift group of family, friends or carers who have appropriate vehicles to support your travel requirements.
  • Create a lift group of taxi drivers who have helped you in the past. These are drivers you know are equipped to transport you.

Localift’s tracking means you will know when the driver is approaching and loved ones can be notified when you have safely reached your destination.


If you’re a carer for a person with a disability, you can link your friend or family member to your Membership as a “Linked User”. By using this feature, you can request lifts on their behalf and engage family, friends and carers to help you with the driving.

If you are working in a community for people with disabilities, Localift is an excellent way to link drivers with those who need support

Community Transport

Community Transport

If your community offers a bus or shuttle service Localift is a great app to book who will be travelling. Create a lift group for community members who regularly attend the same outings or events. These can be one-off or recurring lifts.

The Offer Lift function makes it easy to co-ordinate how many seats are available. The driver or community manager simply sends out a lift offer with the number of bus seats available and community members opt in as required.

Those needing a lift simply accept the offer and let you know where they would like to be picked up. The driver receives a confirmation of who is travelling, along with an optimised route for the passengers who have joined the lift.

Localift’s tracking allows family members and carers to see the lift journey and know when to expect their loved ones at the destination.

Disability Support Organisations

As an organisation helping people with disabilities, you’ll understand mobility is a vital part of health and well-being. Sometimes buses, trains and taxis are not the best forms of transport for someone to travel to a medical appointment or social engagement. To support mobility with trusted family, friends and carers, Localift is offering lifetime membership to anyone with a permanent disability preventing them from driving. We want to make it easy for people with disabilities to ask for help and easy for their support network to share the driving.

We believe, as an organisation advocating for people with disabilities, you are in the best position to ensure that the right people benefit. Localift offers qualifying organisations codes for their members to have lifetime Localift premium membership.

Conditions supported by Localift include:

  • Epilepsy
  • Strokes
  • Neurological and mental health conditions
  • Physical disabilities
  • Visual impairments
To register your organisation, please contact us.
Disability Support Organisations